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Real Estate Agent Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holiday Season

No one really wants to sell their home during the holiday season. You'd probably happily wait to sell yours until the spring when you will have a larger pool of buyers and might get a higher sales price. Plus, most buyers would rather spend their time drinking eggnog and shopping for holiday gifts than touring open houses in the cold weather.

This being said, sometimes you simply must sell your home during the holiday season and there will always be buyers who need to purchase a house before the new year as well. If you have to sell your home over the holidays this year, then these tips will help you do so successfully.

Tip: Prepare Yourself for a Low-Ball Offer and Possible Closing Delays

There are two things that often frustrate people selling homes over the holiday season:

  1. Buyers often submit low-ball offers to see if sellers are desperate to sell.

  2. People go on vacation and businesses close for holidays, resulting in closing delays.

You should go into the sale of your home understanding that you will likely receive a low-ball offer and your sale may very well be delayed due to business closures and vacations. By expecting these irritations, you can greatly reduce the stress involved in the sale.

Tip: Offer Buyers an Allowance for Upgrades or Repairs

Sometimes it is the smallest things that make a buyer choose one home over another. For example, a home with wood floors will sell faster than one with outdated wall-to-wall carpet.

If your home could use a flooring update, painting, or new kitchen appliances, then offer your buyers an allowance for repairs or upgrades. An allowance is returned in cash to your buyer at the time of closing so they will have the money available to immediately remedy the negative aspects of your home they otherwise may have used as an excuse not to purchase it.

Tip: Appeal to All of Your Potential Buyers' Sense of Smell

Retailers use scents to help convince your unconscious to purchase their products. You can use this same trick to help homebuyers fall in love with your home through their noses.

To make your home smell amazing, simmer some citrus fruit and cinnamon sticks on the stove. Not only will this eliminate any lingering cooking or other odors in your house, but it also brings an unconscious sense of holiday happiness to everyone who visits.

Tip: Be Sparse with Your Holiday Decorations

Finally, it may be best if you skip decorating your home for the holidays. It helps keep your home clean for showings and prevents people from viewing your home in a way that allows them to visualize themselves in the space. If you do decide to decorate, then choose some non-denominal decorations and use them sparsely.

For more tips on selling your home during the holidays, talk with a real estate agency, such as Daniel Kahn Real Estate.