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Technology And Home Buyers: Market Trends Sellers Need To Know

Real estate industry trends continue to move toward technology to make homes more comfortable and convenient. This means that many of today's prospective buyers are likely to be more interested in the potential to have quality Wi-Fi throughout the home than the actual age or design of the structure. Additionally, homes that are located in areas where few options for high-speed internet are available can find themselves lagging behind their better-located competition for buyer interest. If you are a homeowner who plans to sell your home this year, here are some technology upgrades that today's buyers will appreciate. 

Add an automated system to control basic home functions

The convenience of adjusting the home's interior temperature, lighting, and sound systems through the addition of a wireless, automated home control system will excite buyers seeking a high-tech home. Easy to install and operate, these systems are capable of allowing the home's occupants to adjust the basic functions of the home to their comfort preferences from any internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

Since these systems are designed to be understated in appearance, sellers who choose to equip their home with automated home control technology should make sure they discuss this improvement with their real estate agent so that it can be featured in the marketing for the home. In addition, sellers will want to make sure that their agent is familiar with the operation of the system so they can demonstrate the ease and convenience it offers to buyers during home viewings. 

Add automated controls to window coverings for more convenience

Buyers seeking convenience will be thrilled to find automated window coverings in any home they may want to purchase. In addition to the ease of pushing a button to open and close heavy drapes and blinds, this type of automated control can also be attractive to buyers who want to maximize the energy efficiency of a home. For example, closing or opening the drapes to maximize sunlight in winter or minimize it in summer can be done easily by either pre-set timers or through any internet-connected device, even when no one is home. 

Technology-loving buyers may also be attracted to homes where sellers offer to leave a high-quality Wi-Fi network intact with the home. Doing this allows incoming buyers to more easily get their devices and computers online once they move into the home and subscribe to internet service. 

To learn more about adding technology to your home as a way to attract more buyer interest, discuss your current situation and technology budget with your listing agent. These professionals will be able to help you choose technology upgrades that will increase the home's appeal and result in a better selling experience for you.